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On September 13, 1926, businessmen assembled at Renner's Garage here in New Midway to organize a fire department. The first fire company was a small garage built behind Renner's Garage. The NMVFC was organized after an attack of fire on the property of A.A Haugh.

Our first officers were: President/Fire Chief- Jesse Renner, Vice President- Roy Dern, Secretary- Arthur Haugh, Treasurer- Simon Grim, Hose Director- Harry Haugh, Asst. Hose Director- Samuel Fogle

March 1927: We purchased our first pumper. A 1927 Ford by Howe for $2,700. On August 20, 1927, the pumper was delivered by Penn. Railroad. A large crowd witnessed the testing of the new pumper. The pumper was housed in the garage of Renner Motor Company until money was raised for a permanent home.

1932: We purchased a second pumper from Howe Fire Apparatus, a Ford Model AA Pumper. Prices were also set for fires; $1 per mile for a chimney fire, $5 to $25 for two tanks of water or more, $50 for large fires. Those who could not pay were not charged.

1936: A committee was appointed to see about building a Fire Hall, Engine Bay, and Property. The new Fire House was built behind Renner Motor Company and still stands today.

On December 22, 1938, we purchased a 1939 Ford Howe pumper with a V8 95-horsepower motor for $3675. This unit would be our original Engine 91.

1941: In December of 1941, Assistant Chief Arthur Boone died of injuries sustained from a fire at Renner Motor Co.

1942: On March 4th, members of Walkersville Fire Company met with us at our company meeting to discuss sending cards to people explaining which fire company to call first. This was done until it was necessary to have more than one company on a scene. These cards would show which fire company was closer.

1948: On March 23rd, President and Chief Jesse Renner passed away.

1950: Our first company meeting was held in our new hall on July 3, 1950.

On June 3, 1952, we purchased this Ford Howe. The unit was delivered with a fully enclosed cab, but the membership did not believe it was fair for one driver to have a closed cab while the driver of Engine 91 was open. The members voted to have the roof cut off this new engine. This unit would be known as Engine 92.

In 1966, we purchased an old 1500-gallon gas truck for $500. This would be our original Tanker 9.

In 1970 we ordered a new 1970 Howe and Oren Fire Truck for $35, 388. This unit would be known as Engine 93.

In 1975, a bid of $11,867 was received by Wantz Chevrolet for the purchase of a chassis for a new Tanker. We approved Heil Company, a milk tanker company of Lancaster, PA, to build the body for $8,019. This unit would be known as Tanker 9.

1978: A 24-hour pre-basic fire course became mandatory before any new member could ride on fire apparatus.

In 1983 we purchased a 1977 Ford Ambulance from the Graceham Fire Company to be used as our special unit. This unit would be known as Special Unit 9.

Fire Chief Robert Renner was instrumental in obtaining a 1972 Ford Brush Truck from the Cabin John Fire Department for only $1.00

From left to right; Engine 92, Brush 95, Special Unit 9, Tanker 9, and Engine 93 are shown in front of the former fire hall.

In 1985 we moved into our new firehouse. This building is located next to the old firehouse and would have a large social hall for fundraising events as well as a modern engine bay to house apparatus.

1993: On June 27th, we held our "Mortgage Burning Ceremony"

1996: In 1996 a blizzard caused a record amount of property and livestock loss. Within seven days of taking office, Fire Chief Melvin Crum, Jr, was faced with several days of different structures in danger of roof collapse. On January 8th, at Oak Bluff Farm, over 1,120 dairy cows were trapped after a large barn collapsed. After 18 hours in blizzard conditions with the help of over 125 emergency personnel from New Midway and surrounding companies from Frederick and Carroll counties, the largest disaster was contained.

2005: On May 14th, members here at New Midway were honored and awarded the R. Cowley Adams Shock Trauma Award for assisting in a landing site for a rescue on Rt 75. The award was presented by Governor Robert Ehrich to Firefighters Melvin Crum Jr, Ronald Naugle, Bill Shadle, Matthew Moser, Jody Lambert, and Robert Doody.

From left to right our 2022 current apparatus: Brush-96, Tanker-9, Engine-91, Special Unit-9